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1 comment June 19, 2009


I Love Beyonce’s Song, Broken Hearted Girl..Well, I Love Them All But At The Moment..This One Is My Fave!

I Still Cannot Get Over How Good The Concert Was, I Just Didnt Want It To End! It Was AMAZINGLY ACE! To Be Honest, It Was UNDISRIBIBLE! :S [Not Sure How To Spell That, Lollz].

Lady GaGa, Was My Fave Singer Before,, Even Though I’ve ALWAYS Liked Beyonce, And Ever Since The Concert I Just LOVE Beyonce Even More!  Wishh She Were My Sis Or Somethinn 😦

Anyway, Byee x

I Love B!

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Why? Why? Why? …


My Stardoll Account Has Been Hacked, Well…Either That Or I Misspelled My Password..But It Gets Me Really Frustrated & I Get Stupidly Mad!!!

Username: Shelbz.w

So, If Your Wondering Why I Were Last Seen 2 Days Ago Or Something, Then Its Because STUPID STARDOLL Won’t Let Me On My Account.  If You Notice Any Weird/Strange Changes Then Please Let Me Know By Leaving A Comment On This Post Or.. (If Your A Member Of Stardoll), Sign Angel.roberts Guestbook..She’s My Best Friend..But If There Is A/My Hacker Out There Reading This, Please Understand I AM IN NEED OF MY ACCOUNT BACK!!! 😥


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Its Was, ACE!!!

Omg– Beyonce Concert Was Aboulutely Amazing! ..Its Almsot UnDescribable :S


At One Point We Were Really Close To Her, And Then She Come Through The Crowd Shaking People’s Hand..AND She Come Flying Through The Crowd On Some Ropes 😛


They Were Diva Tickets You Could Buy, Which Were To Stand Right At The Front Of The Stage Where She Talks To You And Holds Your Hand And Allsorts! But The Tickets Cost A WHOPPING £350!

I Do Suppose It Is Worth It Though, As Beyone Is A Really, EXTREMLY Ace Singer/Actress/EVERYTHING!

I Just Cannot Get Over How Good The Concert Actually Was, It Felt Just..UNREAL! 🙂

During The Interval, EVERYONE In The Building Did The Mexican Wave, Haha 😀 Really Funny!

And At The End, I Bet There Wasn’t ‘A Dry Eye In The House (LOL).

DEFINATELY One Of The Best Nights Of My Life 😛



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I’m Not Boasting To Make Anyone Jealous Or Anythin But I’m Gonna See Beyonce, LIVE!  Tomorrow [Sunday].

I SO SO SO SO Cannot Wait..When I Think About It I Jump Around Everywhere Like A Crazy Girl..Even Though I Am]. Lol.

I Just Hope It Goes Well, As It Cost £50 For ONE Ticket! :O Lol.

I Know Beyonce Is Fab! And I DEFINATELY Know That If I Were Her, I’d Be Scared To Step Out On That Huge Stage And Sing In Front Of Millions Of ‘My’ Fans 🙂  Lol.

Anyway, I Just Wanted To Make All You Readers Out There Aware, That I May Not Be Sending Out Any Post’s Because I’ll Be At An..ALL-NIGHT Concert!!



beyonce post ;P

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!!! New Drawins !!!

Just got back from hols in Whales and I’ve got heaps of new drawings for ya to see! Please Comment!!

Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale



Also, just letting you know that Vivienne Tam is now CLOSED FOR RENOVATION!!! Personally I’m pretty upset about this coz’ I was half way through completing my Vivienne Tam collection and now if I still want to it’ll end up costing even more than it was supposed to and I hate having to spend too much for stuff like that!! 😦 LoLz,, but still I too can’t wait for the new one I just really hope they won’t be as dear as the new Philosophy was… :/

All Mah Love,, xx

Likin the pics so far?? Goodyy!!! (lOl)

Mermaid Brand!

Have YOU seen the new Stardoll ‘Mermaid’ brand? I think it’s disgusting!!! Why would anyone wear — never mind that, BUY any of those clothes!?!? Unless your starting a Saggy SeaWear Collection — they wouldn’t be on my shopping list anytime soon…

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Thanks for readin && lookin guyzz, hope ya enjoyed the post! Seeya real soon!!! Please comment and enjoy the blog!!! xD

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We Are Still Thinking Of You Tulisa, And We Hope That Nasty Swine Flu Doesnt Take Over Our Girl.  I/We Think Of You And Hope, Hope, Hope That You Manage To Happily Survive And Live An Even Better Life, And Fight Off The Horrible Disease.

😦 😦

UPSETTIN PIC.;DTulisa, Swine Flu Post, Blog.

Shelby xx

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Summer Time, So Get Out Ya’ Shades!!

Hey, Again. Its Shelby..AGAIN! Lol.

Yay! Finally, Here Comes Summer. So Get Out Ya’ Shades And Chil Wiv A Cold Glass Of Lemonade:)


Prance Around In The Garden Wiv Cute Lil Straptops And Sexy, Small Denim Shorts!  Like Meeee. Lol, Just Kidding. But I/We Hope That Mr.Rain Doesnt Come :/ Lol, And Spoil All Our Fun!

😦 😦 😦 😦

Soooo. Enjoy The Sunshine While You Still Can!! (H)  🙂 x

summer post.summer post. 2 pic.

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Hiahh, This Is Shelby Here. Sorry That I Havent Done Many Posts These Last Few Weeks, It Was Because I Have Been On My Hols. Lol.

So, Anyway. This Post Is About..Socks! Hehe.

I’m Such A ‘Sockaholic’, I Have Many Pairs Of Bright Socks..Pink, Orange, Yellow, Quite A Few..And I Also Have Lot Of Leg Warmers Those Colours Too!! Soooo. If You Love Socks Too, Then Just Leave A Comment 😀

xx Sockaholic post.

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Lady GaGa Drawin

Lady GaGa Drawin

Sorry to my readers if this makes me sound big-headed but I am amazingly proud of myself today!!! It took a whole hour to draw the full thing on MS Paint. I drew Lady GaGa,, do you think it’s okayy??

Please let me know in the comments!!! I’m considering drawing more, but not until I know I’m good…

Oh, and no stealing any of my pictures there mine and I don’t want to have to report anyone for crediting these as their own..Well, anyway you can use this on your own blog too as long as you credit me — and don’t worry, I’ll be checking.. I’m looking forward to using this in a future post…I hope ya like it!!!

2 comments May 25, 2009


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